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Warren Photography is rapidly becoming Melbourne's most exciting photographer with fabulous imagery and exciting packages - the perfect mix of fun, candid, relaxed and beautiful photographs.

They say: "'Try to create a piece of art with every click' is the simple mantra that goes through my head whenever there's a camera in my hand. Nothing stimulates a photographer more than creating a great image, an image that excites the eyes, touches the heart and tingles the spine. The joy of giving that great image to a client is the buzz that drives me. The best reason for booking a wedding photographer is emotional. It's because you love his body of work and would love to see yourself in one of his photographs. The second reason is because he can offer you a photography package the way you want it. At Warren Photography we've built a photography package the way we'd want to buy it. Our innovative package offers A4 sized prints, a website with a free hi-res download function, a slideshow to music, CDs of all images and much more."

Website: www.warrenphotography.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/warrenphotographyaustralia