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All About Chauffeuring

Aug 02, 2014


Being a ‘chauffeur’ is a recent occupation - the first to be named the term were actually motorists nicknamed ‘stokers’ from the French word ‘chauffer’ (‘to heat’) as the first motor cars were steam driven, much like steam trains, and the operator had to stoke the fire to keep them running.

The first professional chauffeurs as we think of them, came along just a few years later. Chauffeurs who were professional drivers of private motor vehicles came about in 1902, mostly servants to the owner of the car. As time passed, the job of a chauffeur became more skilled, often being mechanically responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep.

The modern day chauffeur no longer toils under the bonnet - their only priority is the comfort of their passengers and getting them to their destination safely. Hiring a car and chauffeur for transport to a special occasion, deb or wedding can really compliment your event and ease the stress and worry involved in organising a big event.

At Kombi Love, our vintage dressed chauffeurs reflect everything that our Kombis George & Mildred are: fun, individual and most of all very professional. We really do believe that having the right chauffeur will help make your day special and help you relax and enjoy your day all the more.  We try to take as much of the stress out of your day as possible by planning itineraries in detail, considering routes and traffic to ensure that we arrive early and punctually. We only take one booking on your wedding day - yours. We won’t be rushing off to fit in another event.

We work with photographers, wedding planners and venues to make sure that your day runs like clockwork and that you can enjoy your special day with a glass of champagne or mineral water on ice, all served up by our friendly and efficient chauffeurs.

Find out more about our chauffeurs Garry, Wayne, John and Fleur and what could make them a perfect match for your wedding day.

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