Kombi Love.









By entering into this hire agreement, you agree that you have read, understand and accept these terms and conditions.

  1. Hire period
    1. Hire period - Begins at designated pickup time and expires on final drop off. Overtime is chargeable at $70 per Kombi per 15 minutes. Overtime charges paid to chauffeur on departure. Kombi Love makes every effort to arrive on time for pickups and drop offs. Sometimes unavoidable delays occur. Kombi Love will endeavour to notify hirer of these. When calculating hire period requirements please allow enough time to fulfil each journey stage. Kombi Love will not break speed limits nor take risks that might endanger its passengers and other road users.
  2. Payment terms
    1. Quotations - Prices held for 14 days. Booking made upon receipt of a non-refundable reservation fee of 25% and return of signed Terms & Conditions. Kombi Love has a first dressed policy. Balance is due no later than 6 weeks prior to hire date. We accept Bank Transfer, cash, bank cheques and money orders. Credit cards are not currently accepted.
  3. Policies
    1. Cancelation - Non-payment of balance by due date considered, at the discretion of Kombi Love, to be termination of booking.
    2. Should the booking be cancelled within 6 weeks of the hire date the total fee becomes non refundable.
    3. Breakdown - If Kombi Love is unable to fulfil booking, in whole or part thereof, for example unforeseen mechanical breakdown or accident we will give the option of using best endeavours to provide alternative transport or a pro-rata refund. Where the alternative transport option is selected, irrespective of make or model supplied, Kombi Love's choice of vehicle will be final and its costs, up to the value of your vehicle booking will be covered by us. Should the vehicle not meet with your approval no refund will be made. Where a pro-rata refund is requested or only possible due to an alternative vehicle being unavailable a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis using the formula of hire time expended over hire costs.
    4. Unsealed roads - Kombi Love reserve the right not to travel on unsealed roads.
    5. Keeping cool - Kombis have no air-conditioning and therefore on excessively hot days passengers are asked to be tolerant. Every effort will be made to keep Kombis and passengers cool by opening windows, doors, parking in shade and having refreshments on hand.
    6. Passenger safety - Seat belts are provided in all Kombis and their use is strictly requested for all passenger safety. Please note use of child restraints is a legal requirement and for children under 7 years each Kombi has 2 child restraint mounts fitted in the rear. Due to liability reasons Kombi Love do not provide child restraint seats nor fit them.
    7. Obeying the law - Kombi Love reserves the right not to place Kombis or passengers in harms way through illegal parking or breaking the law. Please notify photographers of this to avoid disappointment on the day.
    8. Food, drink and smoking - No food, drink or smoking is permitted in Kombis and intoxicated passengers may be denied passage. Kombis are strictly no smoking zones.
    9. Damage - All passengers are politely reminded to respect Kombi authenticity, and pristine condition and to avoid any action that might damage their exterior and/or interior. Any damage caused by passengers, guests, or photographer or through third party incitement will be the sole responsibility of hirer to indemnify Kombi Love. Should any passenger be sick in the Kombi a professional cleaning fee of $150 will be levied.
  4. Advertising, promotion and Social Media
    1. Kombi Love reserves the right to publish photographs taken by its staff or others of an event unless expressly requested otherwise.
  5. Liability
    1. Clothing and possessions - Whilst Kombi Love is mindful of passenger safety and protection of clothing and personal possessions no responsibility is held for any loss or damage arising. It is the sole responsibility of hirer to ensure all such items are removed from Kombis at the end of hire period. Repatriation is at sole expense of hirer and Kombi Love will not be held responsible nor be indebted in anyway if such matters arise.
    2. Late arrival - Under no circumstances will Kombi Love be held responsible financially or otherwise for loss or damages arising from being late for pickup,
      photography stops and drop offs.