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There is no wedding car quite like a Kombi and no wedding car service provider quite like Kombi Love.

Browse through our recent weddings to see some special moments captured on camera and to learn more about each couple's special day.

Katherine and Aaron’s Vintage Beach Wedding

Katherine and Aaron married at All Smiles Sorrento in February 2014. They fell in love by the ocean and wanted their wedding to reflect this theme -  so a VW Kombi by the name of George was a natural choice! Find out more about their day here.

Melanie and Nic's Fun Kombi Wedding

Melanie and Nic were married in Abbotsford in January 2014. They chose to hire our Kombis as they wanted fun and functional transport and knew they'd have the a great time with our great VW Kombis and chauffeurs - find out more here.

Jennifer and Vincent's Unique Wedding

Jennifer and Vincent were married in January 2014 in Gisborne, with a reception in Sunbury. Find out more about their uniquely crafted, 1920s vintage inspired wedding - complete with cheese wedding cake here. 

Celia and John's off-beat Wedding

Celia and John knew that a VW Kombi would suit their wedding. They liked George's personality and that he could carry their entire bridal party. Find out more about how our Kombi and chauffeur helped calm their nerves and get everyone in a party mood here.

Victoria and Aaron's Fun Wedding

Victoria and Aaron were married in August 2013. The couple had always wanted to own a Kombi campervan, so hiring our bus, George, for the day to transport the wedding party was a natural choice, and one which raised a few smiles!

Adele and Nicolas's Vintage Wedding

Adele and Nicolas got married in March 2013. Click to see more photos and to find out how their Kombi Love wedding car helped to make their vintage wedding even more memorable. Read more.

Ella and Scott's Retro Chic Wedding

Ella and Scott married on 17 Feb 2013 in a retro chic ceremony at All Smiles Sorrento. They wanted a 1950s vintage wedding day which was all perfectly complemented by our Kombi Love transport - find out more here.


Christie and Luke's Kombi Beach wedding

Christie and Luke were married on 15 February 2013 in a lovely Kombi beach wedding at Ozone Jetty, followed by a beautiful reception in Geelong. Find out more about their beautiful wedding here.


Katharine and Adrian's New Year Wedding

Katharine and Adrian were married on New Years Eve 2012 at Kirwan’s Bridge Winery, Nagambie. Find out why they chose Kombi Love as their wedding transportation and why VW Kombis hold a special place in their heart.


Lauren and Mitchell's Retro Car Wedding

Lauren and Mitchell were married in October 2012. They chose to hire our kombis after seeing us at Day of the Volkswagen. We were glad to accompany Mitchell's VW bug as we were a perfect match!

Lisa and Daniel's Vintage Wedding

Lisa and Daniel married in August 2012. Find out why they chose Kombi Love to add the vintage touch to their wedding day and see some lovely pictures from their special day.

Sharleen and David's Wedding in Melbourne

Sharleen and David were married in April 2012. Find out why Sharleen and David chose Kombi Love for their Wedding Car and to view some wonderful pictures from their special day. Read more

Dylan and Tessa's fun beach wedding

Tessa and Dylan were married at Black Rock Yacht Club in April 2012. They were looking for wedding transport that would match their fun beach theme. We were more than happy to provide the fun Kombi transport for their beautiful wedding and had a blast too!


Anna and Brad's Winery Wedding

Anna and Brad were married in April 2012 in Lilydale, then transported to a winery in Yarra Valley for their reception. Find out more about their winery wedding, and how Kombi Love dressed for the occasion!

Jessica and Sean's Kombi Wedding

Being huge VW Campervan fans and having a large wedding party, our kombis were a natural choice of wedding transportation for Jessica and Sean, and our kombis George and Mildred did not disappoint!


Stephanie and Brad's Zoo Wedding

Stephanie and Brad chose to be married in summer at Melbourne Zoo in February 2012. Find out more about why they chose our Kombi, Mildred, as their wedding car for their special day.